Here is an opportunity for you to be a self-entrepreneur & become a franchisee of Soft Brain Academy for their skill development programs and this opportunity enables you to be the boss of your own business. The more effort you put the more you benefit. You can provide employment to others.

Who can be Our Franchisee?

  1. Master Franchisee: Excellent business opportunity for enterprising individuals with zeal, enthusiasm and commitment to succeed in life. It is Suitable for people from all business backgrounds.
  2. Franchisee: Anybody with passion, love, zeal and desire to associate with children and take pride in their development can become Franchisees. It is ideally suited for
  3. Play Schools and Pre Schools
  4. Educated Housewives
  5. School Teachers
  6. College Students
  7. Home tuition centers
  8. VRS People
  9. Part-Time job seekers


  1. 1 or 2 Classrooms
  2. that can accommodate 15 students each


  1. Franchiese License Fee 10000/-
  2. Franchiese Training Fee 8000/-
  3. Taching Kit & (Master ABACUS) 2800/-

Faculty Criteria​​​​​​​

  1. Female Faculty
  2. Graduate with Good Communication           Skills.