Levels Of Mid Brain

Levels of Mid Brain Activation

Our Midbrain is the most important part of our brain and its main function is to act as a bridge between our left and right sides. An active mid brain widens the channel of communication between the left and right so they can communicate better, more efficiently and essentially will give us a better use of our whole brain. Our mid brain is located on right side above the brain stem.

This part of the brain is not consciously controlled by the individual and shuts down after the age of 6. Prime years of mid brain activation are between 4 – 14 years of age; therefore, it is important to enrol your kids at a very young age into Mid Brain courses. The reason being, many students and people lack concentration manners which can make their Mid Brain dormant and can lead to them not being able to recall what they have read or written. The whole concept of Mid Brain activation is to enhance their skill, improve the capabilities of the brain and make them extra ordinary for the long run.

Midbrain Activation or Blindfold activation is a method to activate and balance the left brain and right brain. This in-turn activates the intuition capacity of our brain. It helps individuals to do various activities with closed eyes. If we practice it in routine, the right brain stays active. Hence this is the best method to activate the human brain and achieve the level of blindfold reading through intuition.

Level of Mid Brain Activation is as follows: :

  1. Better focus.
  2. Increased memory.
  3. Improved motor skills.
  4. Better creativity and imagination.
  5. Self confidence.
  6. Greater emotional control.
  7. Super sensory perception.